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John Alexander Seminars



Peak Performance

The Power Of Goals

How to Hypnotize Yourself

Fear of rejection

Get rid of phone fear

How to Keep a Schedule

Fear of Inexperience


Real Estate





All Sales 


If you want a powerful presentation for your group that can help attendee's make real change a John Alexander Hypnosis seminar is what you need!

30-60-90 min

Learn how you can reach your peak performance level for maximum production in your industry.  You will be given some hands-on techniques that you can put to use immediately to move you to the top.


30-60-90 min

The Power of Goals:

Learn how to set and actually reach your goals.  Find out how to change the built-in program in your mind that keeps you stuck without real growth.



30-60-90 min

Learn how you've been hypnotizing yourself all along and how to now use it to your advantage.  Start using the correct hypnotic language that you give to yourself each day.




corporate comedy hypnotist

John Alexander Seminars


This seminar is for those that want to learn how to increase 

productivity and reach full potential.


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