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Change can be Rapid!

It does not have to take years or months.  The brain is far more pliable than you think.

Relapse Prevention for Drug and Alcohol addiction.  

My work with detox and recovery centers for opioid and alcohol addiction has allowed me to help those that are going through the painful and stressful experience of detoxification and recovery.  My work with detox hypnosis is to help the addict that wants to get to the root of their addiction and it all starts with the thought process.


Controlling pain is the number one concern for those that are in the throes of detox.  The physical discomfort is accompanied by the emotional challenge of addressing a life-altering decision. The decision to get help!


While hypnosis has been proven effective for managing pain and stress it is ultimately up to each individual that needs to make the changes, for it is the decision to make that change and to allow themselves to be receptive to suggestion that creates the correct environment for the change to be made.


While hypnosis is not a replacement for the programs that are implemented by the detox and rehabilitation centers it is a vital part of the complete process that needs to take place in order to achieve lasting change.


Without addressing the reason for addiction at a subconscious level you leave the underlying triggers that motivate the behavior from the beginning.  Change the reason and you can change the outcome.


Neuro-rehabilitation is an essential ingredient to the recovery process.  During sleep, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain increases dramatically, washing away harmful waste proteins that build up between brain cells during waking hours.  Hypnosis detox sessions can calm the mind and body so that it is able to get the rest that it needs to facilitate this process.  


Pain during detox.  There have been many studies and demonstrations that hypnosis can be very effective in reducing pain.  Pain in is generated in the mind and can even produce the pain feeling in body parts that have been amputated.  Whatever the mind can create it can also undo.  This can be easily demonstrated with the John Alexander relapse prevention program.


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