Learn How to Hypnotize 

In my hypnosis basics class, you will learn how to hypnotize an individual or a group of people in the first hour.  From there you will have the option to dive into the deeper nuances of hypnosis for change work or for entertainment.  Register for the course by out the information form and completing payment below.

The course includes over 5 hours of video training.  

You'll learn how to do a basic induction, all the way through to advanced techniques like arm levitation - and get the accompanying materials.

You'll love seeing hypnotic phenomena like eyelid catalepsy and amnesia demonstrated - these techniques truly show the power of the unconscious mind!

You will learn how to use your language to hypnotize others and yourself.  We give you 7 Hypnosis  Scripted Blueprints that show you exactly how to use hypnosis for 7 specific outcomes...

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