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Hilarious &  Entertaining


. . . Sidesplitting humor by stage hypnotist, John Alexander


Book now to reserve your 60 - 90-minute show for your upcoming Event Entertainment, Comedy Club, Business Theme Events, Best Live Party Entertaining.

John Alexander is a witty, experienced hypnotist and entertainer residing in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with rave reviews!  Wherever you are, he can travel to you!  John has clients in Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie and throughout the S. Florida market.  Out of town events are no problem.  He performance is not limited to South Florida as he has performed in Las Vegas a well as clubs throughout the country.  Look for him in a town near you.


His "Live Comedy" hypnosis stage shows are GREAT FUN for corporate events/private parties!  He even mixes in some mentalism that is guaranteed to blow your mind.

A Positively Memorable Stage Show Experience for all of your guests.

John Alexander Hypnosis LIVE!

Turn up the fun for you upcoming party! 



John can custom tailor his comedy hypnosis show to match your company event or party theme.  Your guests will find the skits to be hysterical and loaded with comedy as the material relates to your theme party or business goals and objectives.  Guests will be AMAZED and find John's live comedy hypnosis stage show to be profoundly entertaining! Testimonials are important and will be provided.

Explore the uproarious magic of a live comedy hypnosis and mentalism stage show! 


John Alexander will  

Hypnotize Your Audience

with a fun, and exciting  Corporate Stage Hypnosis Show. He will select audience volunteers who are then hypnotized in front of the entire company.  Often the presidents or C.E.O.’s get involved too.


Like magic, volunteers end up dancing, doing famous impersonations, and taking a ride on the wild side with their imaginary motorcycles.  

The comedy hypnosis stage show will include the company or event theme/message.  This is a fun, memorable company event idea that will be talked about for years to come.


The 60 or 90-minute corporate comedy hypnosis show can be perfect for Christmas, holiday dinners, unique, comedy, business, event themes, party, entertaining and more! It can be set up anywhere from a ballroom, theater, nightclub, or even outdoors as long as there are a large enough space and room for at least 12 armless chairs for the volunteer participants.


A few comedy hypnoses show clients looking for Florida entertainment ideas that John worked with includes BTDT Franchise Group, Miami Showman's convention, Costco Holiday parties, and the South Florida Realtors Association.  


Motivational Sales training events can be greatly enhanced by hypnotist John Alexander's business experience and humor.  He will unlock their minds to achieve their greatest potential.  John says:  "I believe that everyone has greatness within them but have a limited self-belief system that holds them back from reaching his or her greatest potential."


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