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John Alexander  Hypnosis

Weight loss Program

I have worked with people from all over the world to help them with weight loss with hypnosis.  It doesn't matter if you need to lose10 or 100 pounds, with weight loss hypnosis you can be helped without pills or surgery.  My seminars and private online sessions have been a huge success for many people just like you.

Take a short suvey to learn more about how I can help you.

You will learn how to change your thinking and it will change your life. I meet with people every day that desperately want to lose the weight that has hindered their life for often many years.  They've tried everything and the results were mixed and sometimes dramatic, but they always put all or more of the weight back on.  Why is that?  I like to say that it is because everything that you have tried up till now is something that comes from the outside, the pills, the special diets, the programs that help encourage you, but..................... the change has to happen on the inside and that is what hypnosis does better than anything you can do.
Our brains are amazingly powerful and they can get us whatever we want if we know how to ask.  Since you only have 15% of your brain to use consciously that means that 85% or what you do comes from the subconscious!  How do we change that?  I mean these things that you do (habits) are not something that you are thinking about so how can we change or remove them and stop the behavior from happening?
To be hypnotized simply means to allow your brain to quiet down to the point where you are actually open to positive suggestions without that little person that works against you talking back to you.  You see when we stand in the mirror and tell ourselves that we are going to do it, there is a voice in the back of your brain say's "No you're not", "you've tried this before and it's not going to work"!  
Now I know that you know this is true and that is why you have all of the failed attempts.  What if you could quiet that voice and get past it?  When you do this you can have a direct conversation with your subconscious mind that will be accepted and understood and it will give that small voice a new message that says "we are doing this and we can"!!!  



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